Welcome to Peak Performance!

Physical Therapy · Sports Training

We all want more out of life. We want to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Capable
  • Confident
  • Competitive
  • Creative

We want to participate fully in life, to do what is important to us, and to achieve the full potential that is uniquely our own. We don’t want anything holding us back.


We all want that for ourselves and for our family and friends. After all, life is in the living – in the doing!


But sometimes health, fitness, injury, or fear holds us back. Pain, mobility, energy, safety, and confidence may limit activity. This is equally true for men and women, young and old, the sedentary and athletic, from novice to pro, the able and disabled.


We each have our own individual aspirations, challenges, abilities and limitations. It’s important that your therapy and training be as unique as you are.


No One-size-fits-all protocols for you.

We take your goals seriously creating for you a personal experience that is uniquely your own, crafted for your achievement.

We would be privileged to offer you a hand-up and to guide you to your full physical potential!

We are celebrating our 9th year!

Thank you to all who put their trust in us! We are very grateful. Please stop in and say hello if you are in the neighborhood!